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So many places to visit and not enough time to see them all? True, but considering your tastes and your past experiences, you probably have a good idea of where you’d like to go and the type of vacation you want. A road trip to the Magdalen Islands, an eco-adventure in Costa Rica or a tour of the famous vineyards of France? It’s up to you!

Get informed without leaving home

The Internet is a goldmine of information on the destinations you’re considering. Websites, forums and blogs are a great way to learn more about the places you want to visit: accommodations, activities, restaurants, etc. Then speak about it with your co-travellers… and put it to a vote!

Don’t leave without… your important information

Regardless of the country or region of the world you visit, always carry with you a photocopy of your passport and of your bank and credit cards, as well as a list of emergency telephone numbers, including those of your financial institution and government of Canada offices. You never know…

Cash, ATM card or credit card?

Of course, you’ll need money to cover your daily travel expenses and to buy small gifts for your loved ones… or for yourself!  Get information on the local currency and bring enough cash for a few days. If necessary, you can use your ATM card to replenish your wallet or your money belt. Always have your international credit card handy for emergencies, and find out about the exchange rate to avoid nasty surprises. And don’t forget that when it comes to money matters, your Professionals’ Financial advisor can help you. Notify your advisor before you leave!


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