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Professionals’ Financial announces the addition of three new socially responsible funds to its diversified range of mutual funds. You will now be able to take tangible action to help solve environmental and social problems through your investments, while benefiting from long-term capital growth. The arrival of these funds marks an important milestone in the Financial’s evolution and we are very proud of this!

Fostering change

The Financial has been concerned about social and environmental issues for many years now. ESG (Environment – Society – Governance) factors have become part of our decision-making process and they have been integrated into our proxy voting policy as well as our investment philosophy. They are a decisive factor in our choice of external portfolio managers, because we require that all our managers use these factors in their management process. In addition, in keeping with our values and those of our shareholders, we have chosen to adopt a strategy that excludes the tobacco, cannabis and firearms sectors from our investments because of the harmful effects of these activities on society.

The addition of socially responsible funds to our investment offer is part of this ongoing effort: these funds reflect our corporate values and the interests expressed by our professional clients in various surveys and focus groups.

Three funds, three different themes

To supplement our fund offer, we have partnered with Mackenzie Investments, one of the biggest fund managers in Canada with $140 billion in assets under management. We were seeking excellence, as well as investment themes that match our clients’ expectations.


Mackenzie Global Sustainability and Impact Balanced Fund Mackenzie Global Leadership Impact Fund Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund
Having a real impact

Each fund seeks to foster sustainable changes in its sector through the implementation of positive solutions.

  • The Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund invests in clean energy and technology, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, transportation and water stocks.
  • The Mackenzie Global Leadership Impact Fund supports change in companies and the advancement of women in leadership roles.
  • The Mackenzie Global Sustainability and Impact Balanced Fund invests in companies that strive to integrate ESG factors into their activities so that investors’ portfolios are aligned with their personal values.
A question of choice

This new offer enables you to actively participate in the implementation of solutions to the major issues facing us today, individually and collectively, without sacrificing returns on your investments. On the contrary, socially responsible investment and the integration of ESG factors into the investment process contribute to the growth of healthy companies, whose governance meets high standards of equity and diversity, and whose activities take into account their environmental impact. The future of these companies is more promising and the return potential is more attractive because their risk management takes into account more factors, which is conducive to achieving better long-term results.

A sustainable way forward

The market trend towards socially responsible investment is not a temporary phenomenon but will in fact become stronger in the years to come. In 2018, responsible investment accounted for more than 50% of assets under management in Canada, representing $2.13 trillion and 41.6% growth over a two-year period.[1]

It is to protect this future―yours and that of your children and grandchildren―that we want to join this movement and offer you new enlightened and responsible choices for your investment portfolio. Together, we can make a difference, because investing is also taking positive action for society.


[1] Source: 2018 Canadian Responsible Investment Trends Report, Responsible Investment Association (


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