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Discover the new edition Fall 2016 of Dialogue, our quarterly publication.

dialogue_2016_automne_fr-thumbnail/ Your year-end tax strategies
The year 2016 had its share of surprises, including the new tax measures in the federal and provincial budgets, which will affect professionals as of January 1, 2017 […]

/ Welcome to our new external managers
To protect against market volatility, professionals’ financial has created several new funds to better weather price fluctuations […]

/ Follow us on social media
We strongly invite you to visit our pages and to follow us regularly during the coming weeks. […]

/ 6th Edition – Retirement Experience Weekend
The 2016 edition welcomed participants from a variety of professions, with a common interest in confidently transitioning to a well-planned and optimized retirement. […]

/ Our personalized seminars
Would you like to learn more about incorporation strategies, retirement income, or the impact of your family status on your assets? Did you know that it’s possible to organize a presentation […]

/ Come and meet our specialists

/ Practising medicine in a pool: making sens of it all! Case study, by Benoit Chaurette
Since the federal budget of March 22, 2016, many doctors working within a partnership, commonly called a “services pool”, have been wondering about the impacts of the budget changes […]

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