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Discover the Summer 2017 edition of Dialogue, our quarterly publication.

/ Credit and financing: a challenge at the beginning of a career…and after!
The availability of credit and financing for future professionals has grown considerably in recent years, to the point where they […]

/ Financial digest
The latest market trends and developments and their impact on your portfolio.

/ Your client area: a host of new features!
It’s already been one year since our new website went online, and since its launch, many new features have been added. […]

/ Addition of two external managers for the FDP Canadian dividend Equity portfolio
Our FDP Canadian Dividend Equity Portfolio is now backed by the expertise of two external managers […]

/ What type of retirement do you have in mind?
If you’re actively involved in your practice, you probably have little time to think about retirement… […]

/ Start your career well supported by experts!
This spring, future doctors and doctors starting their practice had the opportunity to meet and speak with experts from Professionals’ Financial during two dynamic workshop weekends. […]

/ Come and meet our specialists
Conferences, seminars, conventions, events

/ Your best tax strategy: a good savings plan! Case study.
For lack of time and availability, professionals often fail to clearly define their savings plan at the beginning of the year. Your profession is very time-consuming, and most of you probably […]

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