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A passion for ophthalmology

I have always been interested in science, but I also felt a need to help others. During my medical studies, a very dynamic professor made me realize that the field of ophthalmology was extremely vast and exciting. I then fell in love with this discipline and I subspecialized in the retina. It’s fascinating to see how much our specialty has evolved over the decades and to realize everything we can do today.

I began my career in 1971 and have spent 40 years at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital. I had the privilege of serving as head of my hospital department and eventually university faculty head. Having also served as president of my professional association, I was able to see what the Fédération and its affiliated organizations could offer their members.

At the beginning of my career, I became aware of the number of young (and not so young) hockey players who lost the use of an eye as a result of an injury. I then went on a crusade to promote eye protection in sports. The idea gained support and it is gratifying to see today the impressive decrease in this type of injury.

A relationship of trust

I have been with Professionals’ Financial since the very beginning and I have been benefiting from Private Management for the past five or six years. I have always received excellent service. My meetings with the advisors are also very pleasant and productive.

The financial markets are not my strength! I have some knowledge, but I am not versed finance. So the yearly meeting with my financial advisors is very useful because it informs me about the performance of the different markets and I better understand the importance of diversifying investments and rebalancing one’s portfolio at the different stages of life.

I have placed all my trust in the Financial, as well as all my retirement savings. In fact, it’s the Financial that put me in contact with a notary to plan my will.

I have never hesitated to recommend the Financial’s experts to acquaintances, because I am always extremely satisfied with the services I receive.

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