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FDP, financial intelligence, is the new signature of our firm. But what does that mean for you, as a client? Beyond the image it creates, what value does this financial intelligence add to your professional and personal daily life?

We know your world

The approach we have taken is precise: to ensure that professionals benefit from a more personalized approach than ever. It means understanding your situation and your challenges, and having recourse to the best specialists in different fields to advise you and offer you very targeted answers, based on your unique situation.

Our areas of expertise? Investments and private management, personal and corporate financial planning including, among other things, tax optimization, incorporation, purchase or sale of a practice or clinic, legal aspects, retirement and estate planning, in short all the career stages and life events where the advice of a team of specialists in your profession, who have business acumen and who know the current and future trends in their field, will have a decisive effect.

Examples, please!

We interviewed many of our experts so that they could tell us in their own words how this financial intelligence will manifest itself in their relationship with you.

Our well thought-out corporate structure puts in place a process that adapts to the realities of clients and anticipates new situations, while remaining focused on their objectives. This structure is agile and based on the interrelationships between the different professionals: tax specialists, notaries, advisory managers. It enables us to meet all the needs of our clients simply, smoothly and skilfully.

Our process of analyzing the needs of our clients stands out from that of other financial institutions. Like the professionals themselves, we take a methodical approach, which consists in gathering information in order to build an accurate analysis of each situation. We act intelligently and measuredly, because we want our recommendations to be consistent with the current state of our financial knowledge, and we can go into depth because we serve a well-identified group.

I like to say that my role is to help professionals make their dreams come true in life, whatever they are! So for me, financial intelligence is about helping our professionals achieve their dreams and tailoring our advice so that they can attain their goal.

A robust investment offering requires developing an understanding of the markets that goes beyond the general consensus. You need to be able to think while ignoring stock market noise, understand the trends and be able to assess the risks inherent in the structure of different financial products. A good manager has a long-term vision, but remains open to the present. They’re flexible and adapt quickly. Rather than quick returns, they seek “intelligent” returns.

To determine the right balance between the percentage of fixed income and equities in a client’s portfolio, I explain to them that investing in the stock market is not like betting at the casino: there, the longer you play, the more you risk losing money, whereas on the stock market, the odds favour the investor, especially over a horizon of five years or more. Over a ten-year period, the probability of a positive return is 94% and the maximum loss is 4%. Explaining the importance of duration helps make better investment decisions.

We have to listen to our clients and the markets, and make the connection between the two. My added value is to be proactive, to anticipate questions. As far as the client is concerned, I have to understand their risk tolerance, their needs and their degree of financial sophistication in order to choose the right products and tailor them accordingly. As for the markets, we need to stay nimble and keep on top of changes, trends and new products to see if they match the needs and demands of our clients.

For me, the collaborative spirit of each expert is essential, because each aims to set up a financial plan based on the client’s objectives. The added value I bring to the table consists in optimizing the personal and corporate tax situation of our clients, by helping them with their decision making at each stage of their life.

At FDP, the notary is present at all stages of our clients’ lives. I strive to offer a hyper-personalized approach to estate planning by adjusting my advice, making sure I fully understand the reality of each client, and listening. I also try to equip our clients well because we know the challenges of their profession. Our knowledge sharing between specialists enables us to offer a very comprehensive service, but above all one that is tailored to each client’s reality. It’s by working as a team that we achieve this!

Our financial intelligence is our ability to anticipate changing market trends in our product and service offering. It also means being attuned to the changing needs and expectations of our clients, and having the agility to quickly implement solutions to be competitive. We must be proactive and not hesitate to question how we do things and to innovate.

For me, it’s the ability to manage one’s personal finances. In this period of increasing Internet fraud, an investor must be vigilant and stay informed about the financial field. In Compliance, we need to exercise our financial intelligence by keeping abreast of regulatory developments and working with the wealth management advisors to ensure that everything is done according to the rules.

Like us, our platforms are evolving!

Technology is everywhere. It has greatly helped you in your professional activities, accelerating and simplifying processes, and making your interventions more efficient. For our part, it enables us to get closer to you, to reduce delays and to focus on the essential: achieving your goals.

As you know, the investment world is dominated by technology. It is worldwide and ever-present. This new stage of development we’re embarking on will further leverage our knowledge of the markets through constant monitoring of its developments. New products, latest trends, sector evolvement: we’ve given ourselves the tools to track the movements that are constantly impacting the investment world. And we take the time to understand these trends and interpret them from the perspective of the needs of professionals. At the end of the day, we want to keep only the best and adapt it to your reality.

User-friendly virtuality

In our current environment, technology is also our best tool for staying in touch with you and sharing information that will help you make the best decisions. Because of the health crisis, our meetings are now virtual, but they are just as friendly and informative. Our events come to you in the comfort of your environment with webinars designed for your needs and your life situations. For you, our experts dissect a host of subjects that will help you understand financial issues from a professional perspective, based on your reality. This formula will be enhanced with podcasts over the next few months, but will remain focused on your concerns and on responding to them simply.


A new formula for virtual meetings dealing with the multiple aspects of retirement!

From November 11 to 25, six exclusive conferences will be offered to you by our experts. They cover a host of topics, from the impact of retirement on the individual and their family to the best financial plan, investments, tax implications, estate planning and insurance.

Interested? Register now and benefit from our financial intelligence.  N.B.: Webinars are in French only.

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