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This year Professionals’ Financial is celebrating 40 years of serving you and helping you achieve success. Since 1978, the Financial has been part of the professional community with its constant presence and its special sensitivity to their concerns.

In a financial environment that is subject to profound and rapid changes, it remains independent and true to its mission: to serve professionals.

Unique ADN

Created by professionals, the Financial’s goal was to respond to their needs for protection and advisory services in a financial environment that did not meet their expectations. The scope of its activities widened with its multiplicity of shareholders (Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec, Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec, Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires, Corporation de service des notaires du Québec, Association des architectes en pratique privée du Québec), but its uniqueness  became even clearer with time: we are the only independent firm that is exclusively dedicated to wealth management for these professionals and their families. We know them, we work alongside them and we listen to them, putting all our expertise at their disposal to help them achieve their life goals and their dreams.

Our offer has evolved with the phenomenal development of the professions: whereas at the beginning, retirement planning was the main focus, today a host of services are being introduced to respond to the growing complexity of family and business needs and to the various situations that our clients experience in their personal and professional lives.

When the BD makes all the difference

The emergence of these new needs is the subject of constant dialogue and discussions among our board of directors, on which representatives of all our shareholders sit. This unique situation in the current environment creates a direct link between our firm and the members of these professional associations, since the requirements of their practice, the diversity of their career paths and the defence of their interests are our key priorities. Together, we seek practical and innovative solutions to respond to their current challenges.

Our priority is you!

Since we listen to you, here is what we have done to meet your needs:

  • To be closer to you and more accessible, the Financial has a head office and now five branches in different cities of Quebec where you are always welcome. Wherever your professional practice is located in the province, advisors are assigned to your region and ready to serve you.
  • Because our notaries and tax specialists contribute directly to the optimal management of your wealth, we have increased their number and you can benefit from their expertise in all our offices.
  • To find a solution to each issue raised by a situation or stage in your life, we have developed a solid network of expert and integrated partners, as well as a host of services tailored to the situations you currently experience in your practice and in your daily life. Some examples:
    • BRIO, the student line of credit, which is now designed for medical, dentistry and pharmacy students and which encourages responsible debt management.
    • Our financing solutions for professionals in business, which aim to respond to the various needs of professionals who are starting or developing their career.
    • Our incorporation assistance, which helps you determine the business structure that exactly meets your needs and that optimizes your tax strategies.
    • Our specialized notarial or tax services for professionals whose situation calls for specific expertise, as in the case of more substantial wealth.
    • Our estate planning support, with a variety of personalized services according to the size and complexity of your wealth and the tasks involved in transferring it.

Educating for a better understanding

Because our shareholders’ representatives want to encourage the education of their members to foster a better understanding of the world of finance, we are constantly enhancing our educational mission with new offers. We organize more and more “rendez-vous,” and whether in the form of conferences, workshops, accredited training or webinars, they all have the same purpose: to develop your knowledge to help you achieve your life goals.

Anticipating the events in your professional and personal life and knowing how to deal with them gives you a leg up.  That’s why our Retirement Experience Weekend and our New Practice Weekend were created, and that’s why they continue to be so popular. For us, informed professionals are always better equipped for success, and the assistance we offer them will be even more effective.

Moving forward together and finding solutions

Driven by the spectacular technological advances of recent years, the financial environment will continue to evolve with economic and political change and global market movements. For the Financial, the transition to new technologies which it has embraced is an unprecedented opportunity to get closer to its clients, to reach them wherever they are and to provide them with rapid, personalized service that always meets their expectations.

As a client, you are our reason for being. We are committed to continue to work by your side, to defend your interests and to protect you and your family. This is a firm commitment which we are determined to pursue, with an eye to impartiality and performance, and while keeping our management fees among the most competitive in Canada.

Since its founding, the Financial has been independent and committed. Independent from existing financial institutions and committed to its clients. It remains so today and invites you to discover how it can help you achieve success.

André Sirard, M. Sc., CFA, ASC, Adm. A.
President and Chief Executive Officer

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