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Professionals’ Financial is proud to offer you an information security awareness program. The goal: to better equip our clients to deal with the different threats associated with technology use.

A key issue

Protecting our data and our clients’ data is a daily responsibility for us. To prevent potential threats, we actively strive to make our work environment as secure as possible. Our employees receive security awareness and best practices training and we use proven technology tools. We can react quickly to protect what’s important to you.

Your security

As you know, cybercriminals are increasingly skilful at defrauding and stealing the identity of their victims. They use all sorts of tricks and techniques to steal sensitive information in order to access accounts and personal data. The Financial’s information security awareness program aims to help you to better protect yourself and to more quickly identify threats.

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We have a comprehensive view and a thorough knowledge of the potential risks related to information security. View the video now to understand the importance we place on this issue. (in French with English subtitles) 


Traps to avoid!

According to IBM, 95% of information security incidents are caused by human error. To avoid falling into the trap, the Financial offers you customized tips and advice. Because you can make a difference, we have prepared several publications on different aspects to consider:
• Security in your daily life
• Web communications
• Emails and phishing
• Managing your passwords
• Identity theft
• Etc.

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