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The health crisis has put a host of projects on the back burner. The conferences and workshops that our advisors had planned to meet with you had to be cancelled, but since we want to stay in touch with you, we have adapted our formula.

To give you info on subjects that concern you, we have planned a series of webinars during the summer and fall. Our experts will share their knowledge with you, and you’ll be able to ask questions live and get answers.

We’re off!

With the help of different student associations, two webinars have already been broadcast:

  • One for AGÉEMUS preclinical students on May 20, 2020.
  • Another, in English, for medical students at McGill University on June 10, 2020.

The first subject treated? The ABCs of investing in times of crisis, or what are the basics of investing? Other financial topics, such as buying a home, will be covered in our upcoming rendez-vous.

New webinars are in the works. Stay tuned: we’ll send out invitations as soon as the dates are set.

See you soon!

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