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Our FDP Canadian Dividend Equity Portfolio is now backed by the expertise of two external managers, Manulife Asset Management Ltd. and Lincluden Investment Management Ltd., to optimize the management of its assets

Since June 26, 2017, these managers have been helping the Financial’s in-house team to structure a portfolio that can perform well in difficult environments.

Lincluden Investment Management Ltd.
25 % of the portfolio

With their in-house research, these managers can identify quality companies that pay an attractive dividend and that can grow cash flow.

Manulife Asset Management Ltd.
25 % of the portfolio

These managers try to build a portfolio that can better withstand bear markets. The risk level and the return potential play a key role.

What this means for you

As an investor, you try to preserve and grow your wealth. Adding these external managers with proven expertise is an additional way to diversify the portfolio in order to better protect and optimize the dividend yield. To learn more, contact your Wealth Management Advisor.

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