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For investors with family assets of $250,000 or more.1

Looking for an investment approach that offers outstanding strategies and exceptional products? Private Portfolio Management is designed to meet your expectations, with Series I mutual funds from our family of funds and new, exclusive investment vehicles.

By opting for this type of management, you benefit from unique investment strategies and discretionary private management in the form of accounts automatically managed by the members of our investment team, supported by many teams of specialized managers.

Our new investment vehicles

To increase the return of our investment vehicles, we have introduced new sector-based investments that can be precisely and strategically weighted. The goal of expanding our range of investments is to allow for greater access to the markets, offer complementary investment vehicles, and achieve a more attractive return in terms of the risk-return ratio.

Newly created investment vehicles that focus on special capitalization niches (such as global small caps), and products with low return correlation (such as alternative strategies) have been added to our current range of products.

New products, new approaches

Private Portfolio Management features three approaches that enable you to profit from rising markets, while protecting the value of your portfolio in declining markets. Enhanced by new, exclusive investment vehicles that draw on the expertise of world-renowned teams of external managers, these approaches offer sound diversification for your investments and complement our existing funds.

With our external managers, you thus benefit from another source of knowledge, in addition to the already considerable expertise of our internal team of investment managers and analysts.


  • A comprehensive and diversified strategy aimed at investors who are looking for a superior current income with low volatility.
  • Focuses on investments that pay interest and dividends from various sources.
  • Aims to preserve capital when markets are down and to profit when markets are up.


  • A comprehensive and diversified strategy aimed at investors who are looking for medium- to long-term growth of their capital.
  • Focuses on equities assets that favour large cap stocks.
  • Aims for superior market performance over a full cycle while targeting lesser volatility.


  • A comprehensive and diversified strategy aimed at investors who are more daring in their investment choices.
  • Focuses on all stocks.
  • Aims for superior medium- to long-term growth of capital that can involve higher volatility and a high turnover rate.

1 Family assets: you, a member of your family or a member of your sole proprietorship must have a minimum of $150,000

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