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This table shows the unit values (value of one unit) for the different FDP portfolios, for the current year and for the previous year. It enables you to track the price of a share, a security or a bond over a two-year period, between two chosen dates.

By default, the values shown in the first column are the unit values at the market close on the previous day or the previous Friday.

Viewing previous unit values

To view a unit value, first enter the date you want in the field or click on the empty space to choose a date from the drop-down list of your previous queries. You can also use the calendar icon to make your choice.

*The variation in the accumulated value represents a fund’s actual daily fluctuation. The accumulated value includes the unit value, monthly reinvested income and capital gain distributions (at December 31 of each year). It enables you to calculate a fund’s performance between two selected dates.

Note: Before October 1, 1994, our funds were valued on a monthly basis and the unit value of most funds included reinvested income and capital gains.

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