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Montréal, March 27, 2015 – Professionals’ Financial – Mutual Funds Inc. (the “Manager”), as investment fund manager of Professionals’ Balanced Fund, Professionals’ Balanced Growth Fund, Professionals’ Retirement Balanced Fund, Professionals’ Bond Fund, Professionals’ Cash Management Fund, Professionals’ Short Term Fixed Income Fund, Professionals’ Global Fixed Income Fund, Professionals’ Canadian Equity Fund, Professionals’ Canadian Dividend Fund, Professionals’ American Dividend Fund, Professionals’ Global Equity Fund, Professionals’ American Index Fund and Professionals’ Emerging Markets Equity Fund (collectively, the “Funds”), announces that it intends to proceed to the change of the name of each of the Funds (the “Change of names”) as of the date of the next renewal of the simplified prospectus of the Funds, which should be on or about May 20, 2015 (the “Prospectus Renewal Date”). The Change of names will not trigger any change to the Funds, other than their names.

You will find below the current name as well as the new name of each of the Funds:

Professionals’ Funds FDP Portfolios
Professionals’ Balanced Fund FDP Balanced Portfolio
Professionals’ Balanced Growth Fund FDP Balanced Growth Portfolio
Professionals’ Retirement Balanced Fund FDP Balanced Income Portfolio
Professionals’ Bond Fund FDP Canadian Bond Portfolio
Professionals’ Cash Management Fund FDP Cash Management Portfolio
Professionals’ Short Term Fixed Income Fund FDP Short Term Fixed Income Portfolio
Professionals’ Global Fixed Income Fund FDP Global Fixed Income Portfolio
Professionals’ Canadian Equity Fund FDP Canadian Equity Portfolio
Professionals’ Canadian Dividend Fund FDP Canadian Dividend Equity Portfolio
Professionals’ American Dividend Fund FDP US Dividend Equity Portfolio
Professionals’ Global Equity Fund FDP Global Equity Portfolio
Professionals’ American Index Fund FDP US Index Equity Portfolio
Professionals’ Emerging Markets Equity Fund FDP Emerging Markets Equity Portfolio

This initiative arises in conjunction with the evolution of the business model of Professionals’ Financial group, which includes the conversion from a firm dedicated to portfolio management to a wealth management firm.

A notice has been sent to the unitholders of the Funds to inform them of the Change of names prior to its coming into effect.

About Professionals’ Financial
Professionals’ Financial is a Montreal-based wealth management company. It offers private management products and services, wealth management and financial planning solutions, and a complete range of mutual funds. Created in 1978 by professionals and for professionals, the Financial remains committed today to ensuring that its management fees are among the most competitive on the Canadian market. Professionals’ Financial is affiliated with the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec, the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec, the Corporation de service de la Chambre des notaires, the Association des architectes en pratique privée du Québec, and the Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires. Thanks to this affiliation, the Financial is able to offers its clients a unique guarantee in terms of impartiality, representation of their interests, and performance.

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Senior Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer
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