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Following the security breach at another financial institution publicized recently in the media, we want to reassure you about the protection of your personal information at Professionals’ Financial.  The security of your data is an ongoing priority and we are acutely aware of the repercussions that a breach of this kind could have on our clients.

At the Financial, we have put in place a highly secure environment to protect your confidential data against possible cyber intrusions and we exercise constant vigilance over the activity in our accounts.

By data theft, we mean your name, social insurance number, date of birth, street address, email address, driver’s licence. This information can be used by fraudsters to conduct criminal activities.

Act quickly

In the current situation, we urge you to be extra cautious with all your transactions (bank and investment accounts, credit cards). Immediately report to your financial institution any irregularity or any transaction that appears suspicious to you and take the necessary steps to protect your data (change your passwords, increase the security level of your mailbox).

Adopt the right habits

To better strengthen the security of your personal data, we advise you to learn to recognize the potential dangers and to follow best practices in terms of computer security. Many useful tips can be found on our website: Familiarize yourself with these good practices and use them at all times.

Don’t hesitate to contact your advisor or your wealth management advisor if you have any questions. Your security is our priority.

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