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At this time of the year, conducive to all festivities, it is so easy to forget some basic precautions. While you’re engaged in a whirlwind of activity, cybercriminals seize every possible opportunity to trap you!

Poisoned gifts

All the excuses are good to bait you! You receive fake purchase confirmation messages, sensational deals or offers from a fake service provider (whether you use it or not): bank, phone company, or other online trading platform, etc. In many cases, the illusion is perfect!

Your list… of security

Here are some points of vigilance to observe, at all times!

 Email and phishing: open doors to identity theft and fraud. Avoid clicking on links, opening files that can install malicious software and spread across your platforms.

 Online shopping: always on secure and reliable sites! (https) Protect your personal information and payment details.

 Social media: pay attention to what you share! If you’re on vacation in the South, wait until you return to post your travel memories…

 New devices as a gift?: Adjust your security settings, make sure you have a good anti-virus.

One last instruction…

Bad click happens very fast and this irreversible gesture can open the door to cyber criminals instead of the good Santa Claus! Take the time to do it right: your safety depends on it!

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