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This spring, future doctors and doctors starting their practice had the opportunity to meet and speak with experts from Professionals’ Financial during two dynamic workshop weekends.

/ How to manage a non-hospital practice and how does the administration of a medical practice work? This was the topic that 64 medical students explored at the Omega Weekend held from March 31 to April 2, 2017 at the Estérel Resort. Set up by the Organisation médicale étudiante en gestion des affaires (OMEGA), this simulation of the purchase of a FMG1 medical practice required each team of four participants to put together a seven-step business plan, which was then presented to a jury to determine the winning team.

As a partner of the event, Professionals’ Financial contributed its expertise, as did Sogemec Assurances and MultiD, which were also on hand.

/ The second edition of the New Practice Weekend, organized by Professionals’ Financial and held from June 2 to 4, 2017, attracted some twenty newly graduated doctors from all regions of Québec. With its single, couple and family packages (including a daycare service), the event sought to accommodate as many young physicians as possible, to make this weekend at the Estérel Resort an exceptional knowledgesharing experience, in a friendly and productive atmosphere.

Among the presentations and workshops set up by experts from the Financial, MultiD and Sogemec Assurances was something new this year, a panel of actively practising doctors who spoke with the participants about the realities of a medical practice. A great opportunity to learn some of the ins and outs before starting a practice!

If you are interested, visit the event page and leave us your email address to be notified of the 2018 New Practice Weekend!

”Highly constructive and interesting. Delightful setting. With a team of very dynamic experts.” Dr. Louise Lemay, panelist.

Don’t forget: we’re there at each stage of your professional and personal life because your success is important to us!


1 FMG: Family medicine group, or group of doctors working with other health professionals.

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