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Economic slowdown, falling stock market indexes, government announcements, all these events can sometimes trigger many questions and concerns.

When the times are uncertain or when our economic landscape changes, we keep a constant watch on the situation, both from a social standpoint and from a market standpoint. Find out what our experts have to say and watch the special webinars we have created for you. And why not follow us on Facebook?

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  • 18 March 2021
    Bitcoin "coins"
    Focus on Finance Express
    Bitcoin, the new Klondike? Bitcoin has two sides, just like a traditional coin. On one side: its use as an alternative payment method to cash and credit cards. On the other: its use as an asset class in an investment portfolio.
  • 09 March 2021
    Image orchestre symphonique
    Focus on Finance Express
    2021: a symphony in two parts The stock markets have been evolving at a rapidly changing pace since the start of the year.
  • 25 February 2021
    Focus on Finance Express
    Investments and baseball: a winning lineup Today we’ll develop even further the analogy we discussed recently in our Outlook 2021 webinar—that between investing, speculation and baseball.
  • 04 February 2021
    Focus on Finance Express
    Your tax deduction checklist We have compiled a non-exhaustive list of the most common deductions, which could save you significant amounts of money.
  • 29 January 2021
    Focus on Finance Express
    GameStop: the latest bubble For several days now, like GameStop, certain stocks have made the headlines because of their mind-boggling daily returns, with gains of more than 100%.
  • 21 January 2021
    Marchés Consommateurs
    Focus on Finance Express
    The economy and the stock markets: out of sync with reality The year 2020 will certainly be remembered for the extraordinary combination of unique events that marked it.
  • 13 January 2021
    Focus on Finance Express
    Stock markets: Where do we stand at the beginning of 2021? After finally turning the page on 2020, we all hope that the events of the coming weeks and months will give us a more positive outlook on the future.
  • 02 December 2020
    Focus on Finance Express
    And the Oscar goes to… 2020 could be described as an excellent documentary about investing and its principles.
  • 16 November 2020
    Focus on Finance Express
    Post-election market outlook Global stock indices all rose, and a cyclical rotation began.
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