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This line of credit is offered to medical, dentistry and pharmacy students, by the Financial, in collaboration with Sogemec Assurances and Sogedent Assurances.

A useful line of credit

Debt is generally inevitable when you are a student. You have to pay substantial tuition fees, as well as various housing and living expenses. The longer your studies, as in medicine, pharmacy and dentistry, the higher the level of debt you may incur. Properly used, a line of credit can ease the financial stress of students and residents, enabling them to focus more on acquiring knowledge and skills.

A responsible approach

Credit has its limits and it is sometimes hard to resist temptation. To better equip you, the Financial offers a unique service to holders of the BRIO line of credit. Because we know your reality, our experienced financial planning advisors can guide you, helping you to prioritize your expenses and manage your debt responsibly.

Attractive coverage
The BRIO line of credit1, 2 offers many benefits throughout your university years:

  • Constant advice and guidance for responsible debt management
  • Free life insurance coveragethroughout your university years
  • A revolving annual limit based on a budget analysis with your advisor1, 2
  • Access to the funds at any time
  • An attractive interest rate4
By your side!

The Financial knows the concerns and needs of professionals better than anyone. Regardless of your stage of life, your success is our priority. Contact our advisors to learn more about BRIO.

Legal Disclaimer

 The BRIO line of credit is for full-time medical, dentistry and pharmacy students in Quebec who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. 

1 When a client account is opened at Professionals’ Financial (minimum balance of $25).

2 Subject to credit approval by National Bank. Certain conditions apply.  A guarantor (surety) who meets National Bank’s criteria may be required. The annual amount is based on your personal budgetary requirements.

3 The mandatory life insurance is free. The cost of the life insurance premium will be paid entirely by Professionals’ Financial until the end of clerkship for medical students and until the end of full-time studies for dentistry and pharmacy students, after which the student may decide to cancel the coverage or maintain it and assume the cost. The coverage amount is $100,000 for a medical student and $80,000 for a dentistry student or a pharmacy student, but the student is free to increase this coverage during their studies by paying an additional premium. .

 4 The line of credit bears interest as of the date it is used. The minimum monthly payment is the monthly interest amount, which may be deferred (added to the principal of the line of credit) for up to 12 months following the end of full-time studies. Prime rate means the annual variable interest rate published by National Bank from time to time and used to establish the interest rate on Canadian dollar demand loans granted by National Bank. To know the prime rate, visit

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