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Professionals’ Financial is hitting the 40-year mark this year. Forty years of being there for professionals, forty years of actively listening to them and sharing ideas with them in order to better assist them and offer them services that precisely meet their needs and expectations.

Also, forty years of constant development in contact with our shareholders and partners, most of whom have been collaborators from the very beginning. We are very proud of the progress we have made and looking forward to new achievements for the well-being of our clients!

From the start, a mission

1978: the year of the Financial’s founding. What was happening in Quebec at the time? In what environment were professionals working? And why establish a firm dedicated entirely to professionals?

In 1978, the Quebec economy was in turmoil: just a few years after the oil crisis, the inflation rate was 9%, the unemployment rate was 11%, and the yield on government of Canada bonds was 9.5%. Two doctors from the FMSQ were alarmed by the fact that some of their colleagues found themselves short of funds upon retirement because they had no pension plan. With the help of an actuary, they established a firm to help these professionals manage their wealth.

Other professional associations quickly realized the value of this initiative for their members and joined our firm. This acute awareness of the need to protect and guide, which was at the very core of the founding of the Financial, remains unchanged forty years later and continues to guide our actions.  Since 1978, we have assisted many professionals until their retirement and today we help their children achieve their life projects. Forty years later, we remain fully committed.

From the 20th to the 21st century

Many things have changed. Professionals have seen their world radically transformed with the massive integration of technology in all aspects of their work. The development of new tools and new ways of doing things required them to adapt very quickly at times. These advances have profoundly changed the way each profession is practised, redefining the challenges facing those who practise them, including in terms of professional development and the acquisition of new knowledge.

Women are also increasingly represented, if not predominant, in many professions. Medicine, dentistry, notarial law, pharmacy and architecture now have a large contingent of women practitioners, and these professionals, now financially independent, bring a new dimension to their practice by broadening points of view and by offering a new perspective in different situations.

With a longer life expectancy, retirement has become an increasingly important stage of life, since it can now last several decades. This improved longevity is excellent news in itself, but it requires a much more targeted plan, since each professional is unique in terms of their skills and experience, as well as their aspirations and their life projects.

Evolving in a human way

For its part, the world of finance has undergone major changes, in terms of both technological developments and the globalization of markets. In a few decades, a host of new financial products has appeared and investment options have grown at a rapid pace. The Financial has reacted to this wave of change by investigating best practices and by determining the value of certain advances for its clients. For example, we are now able to communicate with them more quickly and in many different ways. Receptive to innovation, we stay current of the latest trends – such as automated advice or responsible investing – in order to always offer investors the best products on the market.

In all respects, we seek performance and quality to meet your most exacting requirements, while complying with high principles of governance. We make it a point to meet strict criteria in terms of transparency, integrity and impartiality in order to protect all our clients.

Your well-being first and foremost

How have we kept pace with these changes? First, by developing a comprehensive wealth management offer, which anticipates and provides solutions to all the financial challenges faced by professionals during their career and in their personal life.

Also, by sharing with you information that will help you understand the wealth management issues at the different stages of your life. With our seminars, conferences, theme weekends and workshops on a variety of subjects – new practice, incorporation, purchase or sale of a clinic or practice, retirement planning, estate planning, and much more! –, we want to enhance your knowledge while creating special meeting moments that foster the sharing of ideas and proximity.

And above all, by listening to you. Over the course of your career, you have built your success with your motivation and your ability to cope with the events that occur along the way. Your personal life is also a key driver of success. We are keenly aware of each person’s desire to protect their loved ones and to provide for their security, and also to live a fulfilling life while working in a profession they are passionate about.

We want to be by your side to guide you throughout your life and to help you achieve your most cherished ambitions. This has been our commitment for forty years.

We sincerely thank all our clients who have been with us from the start and who continue to place their trust in us. We also thank all those who believed and who continue to believe in the added value we offer.

You are our reason for being.


I would like to wish us all an excellent 40th anniversary.

Signature André Sirard
André Sirard, M.Sc., CFA, ASC, Adm.A
President and CEO, Professionals’ Financial

I have always been interested in science, but I also felt a need to help others. I began my career in 1971 and have spent 40 years at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital. I had the privilege of serving as head of my hospital department and eventually university faculty head. I have been with Professionals’ Financial since the very beginning and I have been benefiting from Private Management for the past five or six years. I have always received excellent service. My meetings with the advisors are also very pleasant and productive. I have placed all my trust in the Financial, as well as all my retirement savings.

Dr Pierre Labelle, Ophthalmologist

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