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The end of summer marks the return to school for many young Quebecers. University faculties are welcoming their new student cohorts in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, notarial studies and architecture, while other future professionals are beginning their doctoral studies.

These young people have embarked on an often complex path which will require of them a great capacity for concentration, a healthy dose of determination and lots of resilience over time. Their success is important to us, because these women and men represent the future of our society. They are the professionals to whom we will turn for many aspects of our lives, and the quality of their careers will have an impact on us.

Guiding and educating

How can we help these young people so that they can blossom in our communities and contribute positively to their progress? The Financial has a role to play in this regard. First, because they are future members of our professional association shareholders. And especially because their success is part of our corporate mission. We have a responsibility to them in terms of providing them with information on the sound management of their finances.

Debt, budget and other concerns

Problems related to debt and to poor expense management can quickly add chronic and toxic stress to students’ lives. During their school years, we want to help them develop responsible habits with regard to their budget and their debt, while avoiding financial pitfalls. Thanks to their advisor, as well as the financial rendez-vous which we offer or in which we participate during the year, they will learn to prioritize their projects and set guidelines:

At each stage, we want to help them with their decisions so that they make the best choices. We double this commitment with direct involvement in the scholarship programs of many Quebec universities.

Each life stage has its particularities

Learning to make and manage a budget in one’s twenties is a life habit that will have repercussions at all the other stages of a professional career. In fact, the decisions made during the first years of practice will often influence an entire career, whether they concern the choice of a specialty or an area of interest, or financial choices.

We want to not only understand each professional’s needs and challenges, but also and especially to guide them and support them at key moments in their professional life, with an impartial and comprehensive approach to their situation. Incorporation procedure, specialized tax services, retirement and estate planning, the lives of our professionals hold no secrets for us because we listen to them and because we have built our service offer to meet their expectations.

So whether you are beginning your career this year in a profession that you’re passionate about, whether you are in the middle of a fulfilling and successful career, or whether you are contemplating semi-retirement, we remain by your side to assist you, advise you and guide you. That is our mission and we are fully committed to it.

François Lavoie, B.A.A., B. A., Adm. A., Fin. Pl.
Senior Vice-President, Wealth Management

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