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To protect against market volatility, professionals’ financial has created several new funds to better weather price fluctuations and to generate a positive return.

Among them is the FDP Alternative Strategies Private Portfolio, offered exclusively to Private Management clients, whose objective is to deliver an absolute return, while protecting capital in periods of high volatility. To achieve this goal, it uses various alternative strategies that are weakly correlated with each other and with the markets.

Diversifying for better protection

When the fund was created in 2015, our in-house investment team retained the services of Standard Life, a major institutional asset manager. Since August 1, 2016, we have added three new external managers. In the current market environment, we wanted to further diversify the approaches used to better protect capital, while optimizing the return.



* Dollars in assets under management at December 31, 2015 (in Canadian dollars).

The three new managers are all Canadian firms, each having developed expertise in their own particular approach. We chose them because, while they employ very different strategies, they are complementary, using approaches which are not directly correlated with market performance, but which can deliver attractive returns in periods of volatility.

We constantly strive to protect our clients’ portfolios and to generate positive returns, regardless of how the market performs. Adding these three managers enables us to achieve greater diversification in the fund. It’s another example of our ongoing efforts to look after your interests, because saving is a lifelong endeavour!

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