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Léa Saadé
B.A.A., MBA, Fin. Pl.

Regional Vice-President, Montreal Centre

Towards a certain normality

It’s not easy to remain calm when our points of reference cease to exist … When our social and professional life unfolds within the four walls of a house or condo. When human contact is made through screens. And yet …

When technology becomes humanized

If there’s one perception that the crisis has changed, it’s that of the depersonalization and coldness associated with technology. In fact, technology has enabled us to stay in touch and to humanize our exchanges, to reveal ourselves to others. It has also forced us to be more creative in order to “get through” and to play with all the possibilities of the situation.

Of course, our ways of doing things had to evolve: think of the doctors who turned to telephone consultations to be able to treat their patients, the notaries who had to execute documents virtually, or the widespread use of videoconference consultations by different professionals as part of essential services.

The benefits of questioning

For those who still had doubts, the use of technology has proven to be not only effective, but also very liberating: freeing up time to do other things, eliminating a lot of unnecessary delays and making it possible to settle various matters quickly. This upside has not gone unnoticed, both by those who provide the services and by those who receive them. For those under 30, it’s a given that they take advantage of every day.

Learning and understanding

At the Financial, our goal was to maintain the close contact we have with you and to remain by your side to help you get through this very unusual period. We have adjusted to this reality and turned to the tools best suited to your needs. This crisis proved to be a trigger: it has prompted us to reconsider some of our practices and to think outside the box.

Constantly reinventing ourselves

Professionals are no longer just looking for sound investment advice. Your needs have become more diverse and your profile has become more nuanced and much more fluid. You now have multiple career and personal life trajectories modulated by technological advances which offer you more and more choices, in all areas.

The stages of life are questioned: the age for having children and the phenomenon of reconstituted families, professional career possibilities in terms of specialization or advanced training, development of business activities, even reorientation by returning to school in mid-career and, of course, all the options available concerning retirement and continuing certain professional activities beyond the usual age of retirement.

Our business intelligence at your service

We recognize the specificity of each person’s path and we want to use the most effective means to tailor our services to your trajectory.

For more than 40 years, our teams of specialists have been scrutinizing the financial landscape from a perspective specifically focused on the expectations of professionals. Our financial advisors and planners have sharpened their knowledge of your reality. This financial intelligence, combined with the use of the most effective technologies, are your best assets to build a life that meets your aspirations. Whatever your dreams, we’ll give you the best of our expertise to help you find ways to achieve them.

We’re working tirelessly and you’ll soon know how we’ll succeed together.

Léa Saadé, B.B.A., MBA, Fin. Pl.
Regional Vice-President,
Montreal Centre

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