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At the heart of our society and of all our activities there is the family: our loved ones, our close relatives and even our extended family, which always remain part of the family circle. We also have new family models (reconstituted, with same-sex parents), whose foundation, however, remains the same: a strong tie that keeps people together throughout their lifetime.

We know that your family is your strength and your commitment. You want to ensure the security and well-being of those who enrich your life and give meaning to your professional career. We recognize the importance of family and the attachment it creates, and with our customized and personalized services, we want to give your loved ones the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Share your advantages with your family!

Because your family should also generate financial advantages, we have developed a Family Advantages offer which enables you, and your loved ones, to save on fees thanks to total family assets invested, while benefiting from the many privileges of private management: personalized financial plan, investment advice, tax services for you or your company, succession services, and much more.

Your spouse and your children are eligible, as well as your brothers and sisters, their spouses and their children. There is no limit on the number of generations that can avail themselves of this offer.

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A small family will become big…

Starting a family takes planning. It’s often a question of choosing the right time, according to the career plan of each of the spouses. Government parental leave programs make this planning much easier. Then it’s a matter of making a budget and choosing the type of benefits to ensure that you have an adequate income during this period, an exercise that your advisor can help you with.

Once the child has arrived, you already have to think about his or her future, and opening an RESP is an excellent way to prepare for this. Regular, well-planned savings, plus government grants, will make post-secondary education much easier to envisage. Moreover, if you are thinking about financial planning, you should also take into account your future needs as a family: if you want to have several children, should you consider buying a bigger home? In terms of financial guidance for this purchase, we give you access to expert services which will simplify things, at highly competitive rates.

Protect to move forward with confidence

With time, you and your family’s needs change. Consider taking the necessary steps to protect your family’s future by having an analysis done of your insurance needs (life, disability, critical illness) and the needs of your family members. Make sure you take out adequate coverage, so you’ll have peace of mind!

Also consider your personal situation: are you married or in a civil union, and what is your matrimonial regime? If you are de facto spouses, did you sign a notarial cohabitation agreement? Your rights and duties as a spouse and parent require that your legal status be clearly established, which it is better to do when all is going well. Our notaries will help you determine your situation with personalized and targeted recommendations.

For future generations

You should also think of protecting yourself and your loved ones by recording your wishes in a protection mandate which will ensure your quality of life, and in a will which will express your last wishes. These are difficult but necessary steps, for which our notarial services can prove very helpful. Moreover, if you have a special family situation (child with a disability, reconstituted family, etc.), there are succession strategies to ensure a sound devolution of your property. Our notaries can determine with you the most appropriate strategies in your situation, such as creating a testamentary trust.

Serving your family

Recognizing the importance of family means being able to respond to the expectations and needs of yours with effective and personalized products and services. Our firm was established to protect professionals and their families, and this mandate is still what drives us.

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