40 years of shared values,
40 years of sharing ideas

Already four decades serving professionals! We've come a long way since 1978! This year of celebration enables us to measure how much the Financial, and our society, have developed economically, politically and culturally.

After university, I partnered with four other dentists for ten years, and we had the biggest dental clinic in Montreal. I then opened my own practice, which I sold in 2014. After 38 years of practising my profession, I retired in late 2015. I have been with the Financial since the early 1980s, and with Private Management for three years now. I greatly appreciate my Advisory Manager’s personalized follow-up during our meetings. I have remained loyal to the Financial because the people are competent, the services are reasonably priced, and the management fees are very affordable.
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Dr Michel Roux, dental surgeon

40 years of shared values... Our clients speak. Their testimonials show the relationship they have with Professionals’ Financial. We’re proud to assist them and to protect their interests.
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I have always been interested in science, but I also felt a need to help others. I began my career in 1971 and have spent 40 years at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital. I had the privilege of serving as head of my hospital department and eventually university faculty head. I have been with Professionals' Financial since the very beginning and I have been benefiting from Private Management for the past five or six years. I have always received excellent service. My meetings with the advisors are also very pleasant and productive. I have placed all my trust in the Financial, as well as all my retirement savings.
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Dr. Pierre Labelle, ophtalmologist

Client of Professionals’ Financial since 1978

Evolution of the name and services


Medical Fund


Medical-Dental Fund


Professionals’ Fund of Quebec


Professionals’ Fund of Quebec Inc.


Professionals’ Fund of Quebec Inc.

Implementation of the Financial Planning Service (Professional Practice)


FDP Group Inc. (holding company) and its two subsidiaries

  • Professionals’ Fund Inc. (mutual funds)
  • Professionals’ Fund Management Inc. (private management)

Implementation of the Wealth Management Service


FDP Group Inc. (holding company)

Implementation of the team dedicated to young professionals


Professionals’Fund Group Inc.

  • Professionals’ Fund – Mutual Funds Inc.
  • Professionals’ Fund – Private Management Inc.


Professionals’Fund Group Inc.

Implementation of the Compliance Service


Professionals’ Financial Inc.

  • Professionals’ Financial – Mutual Funds Inc.
  • Professionals’ Financial – Private Management Inc.


Professionals’ Financial Inc.

  • Expansion of the investment offering and implementation of our Private Wealth Management
  • New brand identity and new logo

Shareholders and partners


Creation of our affiliated company Sogemec Assurances


Creation of our affiliated company Sogedent Assurances


New shareholder: Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec (ACDQ)


New shareholder: Fédération des notaires du Québec

In 1990, the Corporation de service des notaires du Québec becomes a shareholder after the dissolution of the Fédération des notaires du Québec.


New shareholder: Association des architectes en pratique privée du Québec (AAPPQ)


New shareholder: Association des pharmaciens propriétaires (AQPP)


New partner: Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec (FMRQ)


New partner: Médecins francophones du Canada (MFC)

New business partner: MultiD


New partner: Ordre des adminstrateurs agréés du Québec (Adm.A.)


Professionals’Financial shareholder of MultiD


New partner: Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec (FMEQ)

Assets under management

Our offices


Opening of the Montréal head office at Complexe Desjardins


Opening of an office for dentists at the ACDQ (Montréal)


Opening of an office in Québec City


Opening of an office in Sherbrooke (15 years)


Opening of an office in Brossard


Opening of an office in Laval

40 years ago...

Gilles Villeneuve scores his first Grand Prix win in Montréal

Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

In Quebec: minimum salary raised to $3.37 per hour / average annual salary of $13,700

Foundation of the ADISQ, the Québec Association for the Recording, Concert and Video Industries

Patsy Gallant wins two JUNO Awards

Montreal Canadiens win their third consecutive Stanley Cup

In Quebec: Abolition of sales tax on clothing, shoes, furniture and hotel rooms

René Lévesque, Premier of Quebec

Jean Drapeau, Mayor of Montreal

In Quebec: Unemployment rate at 11% and annual inflation at 9%

Interest rate on savings bonds:
Canada 9.50%
Quebec 10.00%

Creation of Hydro-Québec International

Jazz pianist and Montreal born Oscar Peterson is inducted to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame