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"I may have started using fdp’s services a little late, at the end of what we call our clinical training. Despite that, I think I’ve forged a fairly close relationship with my advisor, and did so quite quickly. I never felt like I was just a number. The idea is to find products tailored to my work/life balance."
Dr. Maxime Caron-Goudreau, Resident anesthesiologist
"There’s a good deal of overlap in terms of the relationships I try to develop with my own clients and fdp’s approach. But with fdp, the roles are reversed: I’m the client who doesn’t know much about the financial sector, and they’re here to guide me and answer my questions."  
Andrei Roman,  Notary 
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Anik Bougie live at LCN

In an interview at LCN, Anik Bougie, Practice Leader, Financial Planning and Taxation at fdp, She informs Simon and her audience of the availability of a number of social and fiscal measures to ease the budget of caregivers, seniors and people with disabilities.

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