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If you are an employer and you have to comply with the Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans Act, the Financial offers a group RRSP as an attractive alternative to the VRSP.

For the employer 
  • Flexible and easy to set up, the group RRSP is a plan that minimizes your administrative tasks and that is tailored to each of your employees.
  • There are no administration or management fees for your company, and managing contributions is easy.
For the employee

The group RRSP helps your employees achieve a financially secure future, and they can build their portfolio according to their needs and goals.

  • They benefit from the advice of a Wealth Management Advisor for the set-up and monitoring of their investments.
  • They also obtain an immediate tax reduction, since contributions are deducted from their gross salary, and they are eligible for programs like the HBP and the LLP.

To learn more about the group RRSP, contact a Wealth Management Advisor.


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