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Do you have a plan to grow your wealth and set money aside for the future? You may have already spent a considerable sum on the purchase of a building for your professional practice, and you have debts and other obligations. For your financial health, it’s important to have an investment strategy tailored to your needs and your situation.

Your investment objectives

Saving and investing are concrete actions and your choices will be decisive. Since the financial world changes constantly, you must:

  • develop a savings plan suited to your personal and professional situation
  • choose a short, medium or long investment horizon
  • identify the best investment vehicles

Your investor profile

Before investing, you should determine your investor profile, your risk tolerance and your investment knowledge. Ask a Wealth Management Advisor to assist you with this. Trying to make quick gains is risky: stay within your limits.

Investment strategy

Depending on how much you can invest, you have a choice of mutual funds or investment strategies that will match your investor profile. Your Wealth Management Advisor can help you with this, explain your investment options, and monitor your investments over time and as your situation evolves.

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