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Transparency, rigour and integrity are the cornerstones of our governance.

To implement these values, strict policies have been put in place in all sectors of the firm and at all operational levels.

Our Board of Directors

The Financial’s Board of Directors, composed of 13 directors representing, among others, our professional association shareholders, establishes the firm’s governance structure and general orientation, while maintaining general oversight of its operations. Each director has a duty of accountability and must promote the organization’s culture of compliance.

Shareholder impact

The Financial’s professional association shareholders are directly involved in the firm’s governance and actively participate in decision making:

  • By sitting on the Board of Directors
  • By ensuring that all actions prioritize the interests of their members and our clients
  • By making sure our fees remain among the most competitive in the country

Our committees

Various committees monitor the Financial’s activities, including an Audit Committee, a Risk Management Committee, a Human Resources Committee, a Governance Committee and an Investment Committee.

The committees that are involved in managing your portfolio
  • Investment Committee – Comprising external members from the investment world, its role is to supervise all investment activities, including new product development, hiring of managers, and performance analysis.
  • Strategy Committee – Composed of the principal internal managers of Professionals’ Financial, this committee analyzes the global economic situation as well as market characteristics and trends in order to strategically position the portfolios.
  • Product Management Committee – Comprising Professionals’ Financial’s internal managers and analysts, this team sees to the positioning and daily management of the portfolios, including the monitoring of external managers.
  • Trading and Implementing team – This team is responsible for executing the strategies chosen by the managers and making transactions in client accounts.

Publications to consult

Livre de gouvernance is an official document setting forth the rules of governance and the charter of the Board of Directors and its committees. Available in French only.

Independent Review Committee Report

For more information on the Independent Review Committee, please consult the Annual Information Form.

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