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"I’ve been a member of fdp since 1983. I’ve always had the impression that they take care of my affairs appropriately and responsibly. So I feel comfortable with them. I’d like to have the same kind of relationship with my own patients. "
Dr. Daniel Ricard , Maxillofacial surgeon
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In a time of crisis: to retire or not to retire?

Financial impact that the crisis may have on those who are about to retire or have already retired. I would also like to offer you some tips to lessen the impact of the current situation on this important stage of your life.

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How to pass on your estate to several generations

Estate planning is a complex field, so it is in your interest to consult experts to ensure that your estate is transferred according to your wishes, especially if you want to bequeath a part of your assets to your children or your grandchildren.

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Your family’s well-being above all!

We recognize the importance of family and the attachment it creates, and with our customized and personalized services, we want to give your loved ones the opportunity to realize their full potential.

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