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"The way I see it, fdp boils down to the name of my advisor. For me, she is fdp. She stays on top of my debt situation, my various anxieties and all related expenses. She knows me well, she always remembers my background information and we’re quite close. So she’s able to give me good advice.."
Geneviève Céré, Architect
"fdp cares about managing its clients’ affairs properly. Because they’re independent, they can keep their management fees as low as possible. For me, at least, that’s what I found appealing. Plus they deliver quality as well. And that’s very appealing! For me, being an fdp client means having the assurance that my retirement years will be problem-free."
Francois Marziali, Pharmacist/pharmacy owner
"I really liked fdp’s approach when I came on board. It’s a little like how I deal with my patients. fdp doesn’t focus on telling me how to invest my money or manage my finances. Instead, they adapt their approach to my lifestyle."
Dre. Lena Salgado, Endocrinologist
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Federal budget 2024-2025: changes to the capital gains inclusion rate

Federal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland presented her 2024-2025 budget on Tuesday, April 16. At fdp Private Wealth Management, our specialists Anik Bougie, Practice Leader, Financial Planning and Taxation, and Marc-André Lavergne, Tax Specialist, analyzed this budget to determine the elements most likely to impact our professional clients.

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Remote working abroad and its consequences

Remote working abroad may have tax implications, and the responsibility lies as much with the employee as with the employer. Our Practice Leader, Financial Planning and Taxation, Anik Bougie, explains it all in Charles Poulin's article in Les Affaires.

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Financial panorama, Investment and markets
What moved the markets in March

No change to the Bank of Canada's policy rate, nor to that of the U.S. Federal Reserve. The U.S. economy is still growing.

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