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There by your side

Our wealth management experts and our specialists put all their know-how to work for you to help you realize your dreams and ensure your family’s well-being. At each stage of your life, from the beginning of your studies until retirement and beyond, you can count on them!

Tailored advice

Our Wealth Management Advisors are predominantly compensated on a fixed salary basis : their compensation is not tied to the sale of certain products. The advice you receive is therefore strictly aimed at providing solutions that are right for you.

To simplify your life

A few key steps enable your advisor to develop a solid financial strategy.  Our structured approach and our market responsiveness give you peace of mind.

STEP 1 To better understand your situation
  • We discuss together your objectives, your challenges, your priorities and your dreams.
  • We examine with you your professional, personal, financial and tax situation, according to your life stage
STEP 2 To establish your investor profile
  • We assess your level of investment knowledge.
  • We discuss your risk tolerance and your investment horizon.
STEP 3 Toachieve your goals
  • We recommend targeted strategies for you.
  • We develop with you a personalized action plan.
STEP 4 To stay on course
  • We make sure the strategy is adhered to.
  • We make the necessary adjustments to reflect changes in your professional and personal situation, and your goals.


Our specialty: professionals’ needs

We have been at your service since 1978 and our expertise is well recognized. The Financial is the reference for professionals!

We have offices in Montréal, Brossard, Laval, Québec City, Rimouski, Sherbrook, Saguenay, Trois-Rivières and Gatineau. Don’t hesitate to call upon our expertise!


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