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You worked very hard to succeed, to provide for your family’s financial security, and to protect your wealth. Avoid nasty surprises and take the necessary steps now.

Your financial security

Assess your insurance needs. They change according to your situation and your stage of life. For example, at the beginning of your career, your needs can far exceed your income. If you have many debts to pay off at the same time and dependents to support, what will you do in case of a loss, an accident, sickness or death? Will you be able to handle the financial consequences? Do you have a protection mandate and a will?

Your family patrimony

As a couple, with or without children, what will happen when you die? In case of a separation? Your choice of matrimonial regime will determine how your property will be partitioned. It’s important to understand the implications of each of the regimes and to make the right choice.

Your inheritance

Who will inherit your property and who will be responsible for your estate? It’s never too early to make a notarial will. It can be reviewed every five years, or whenever a major change occurs in your professional or family situation.

Proven expertise

The Financial’s team of experts can help you make the right choices for you and your family.

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