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Do you often travel abroad or do you regularly have to be away for several months for work reasons? Leave with peace of mind by entrusting the management of your accounts payable to our partner MultiD.

A service that counts
The MultiD accounting concierge service for frequent travellers completely frees you from having to manage your various payments during your absence. Because you have better things to do, your MultiD advisor can take charge of paying your major bills and other routine expenses in a timely manner while you are away:

  • Income taxes
  • Property taxes
  • Tax instalments
  • Service provider bills
  • Etc.

Unparalleled expertise  
For several decades now, MultiD has been known for its unparalleled expertise in billing, accounting, tax optimization, and banking management – all exclusively for professionals.  So you have the assurance that your bills are being handled by top-notch professionals in complete confidence.

A range of solutions
As a MultiD shareholder, the Financial adds this expertise to its range of solutions and advice tailored to your financial needs, at all stages of your life. Our specialists are readily available. So you can leave with peace of mind!

Contact your advisor at the Financial for more details and to assess your needs.

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