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Professionals’ Financial does everything possible to contact its clients when their investments are due for renewal or when certain deadlines occur. Occasionally we are unable to reach some account holders.

Rules governing disclosure of unclaimed property

The provincial governments of Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta have adopted regulations requiring holders of unclaimed property to make reasonable efforts to find and contact their rightful owners, if their last known address is in one of these provinces. If the attempts made by the holders are unsuccessful, they must make the information concerning unclaimed property accessible to the public in order to facilitate its return to their owner.

Professionals’ Financial makes an annual disclosure to each of these governments when it has identified unclaimed property. This annual disclosure is made on the basis of searches done until December 31 of each year to find the rightful owners

Your recourse

In the event that the law might apply to you, in other words you are the owner of an unclaimed property; you may refer to the register of unclaimed property on the website of the province concerned:

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