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Tax rules are constantly changing and require close monitoring. If you have interest income, dividend income, capital gains, or foreign investment income, it’s important to be well advised because income is taxed differently according to the type of income and the plan in which the income is generated.

Taxation of investments

Here is an illustration of the tax rates for the three investment categories. Bear in mind that income is not taxed if it is generated in a RRSP, a RESP, a TFSA or a FHSA.

_Taux imposition Max_Maximum Tax Rate

Income splitting

Thanks to graduated tax rates, you can reduce your taxes through family income splitting. The goal is to “even out” your family’s taxable income. However, you have to comply with the different attribution rules.

A good financial plan

A good financial plan will give you peace of mind and help you stay focused on your goals. This tool enables you to:

  • Maintain an overview
  • Establish a course of action
  • Avoid acting impulsively

Make your life easier

Our advisors are specialists in this field. They know your needs and can help you understand the tax issues in your situation and at your life stage.




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