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The trusted contact person is a resource who can help your advisor protect your interests and financial assets.

This person is not recognized as a mandatary, however, and is therefore not authorized to conduct transactions in your brokerage account or make any decisions whatsoever on your behalf.

Your advisor will get in touch with the trusted contact person:

  • if they notice signs of financial exploitation or vulnerability or if they notice signs that you lack the mental capacity to make decisions involving financial matters;
  • to confirm or to have sent to them the name and contact information of your legal representative, or;
  • to confirm your contact information.

In their communications with the trusted contact person, your advisor must comply with the privacy policy put in place by fdp for the protection of your persona! information.


Vou can designate a trusted contact person in two ways:

  • by adding the information to your profile directly in your fdp secure account, or;
  • by completing the form for this purpose which your advisor can give you.

Note that you can withdraw or change a trusted contact person at any time, and that you are not required to designate one.

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