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Certain employment expenses may be deductible. Be sure you know which ones!

If you are an employee..

You have few deductions to claim. Generally, though, you can deduct certain expenses that you incurred in the performance of your duties:

  • if your employment contract specifies that you must pay them yourself, and
  • if you have not received any allowance or reimbursement from your employer for these expenses.

You can also deduct expenses related to your job which were paid by your employer, but which were included in your record of employment. An example of this kind of expense would be your professional dues.

  • The amount will only be deductible at the federal level and will include taxes.
  • At the provincial level, if you are not incorporated, it is instead a credit of 10% of the fees paid (excluding taxes) that can be claimed.


Other tax measures…

Find more information about them in the tax deduction checklist.

Contact your advisor, who can provide you with more details and even set up personalized tax strategies to meet your more complex needs.

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