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In these first months of 2021, we’re very pleased to share excellent news with you, whose implications are very positive both for you and for our firm.

Two of our funds honoured with FundGrade A+ awards

Two of our funds, the FDP Balanced Portfolio, Series A, and the FDP Canadian Equity Portfolio, Series A, each won a FundGrade A+ award for their superior risk-adjusted performance. In both cases, this is a significant recognition from the investment industry which is given to only about 6% of all mutual funds in the Canadian market.

It underscores the steady and superior performance of these funds, as well as the expertise of our managers, despite the very difficult market environment we experienced in 2020. For our FDP Balanced Portfolio, Series A, this is a second FundGrade A+ award in two years, while for the FDP Canadian Equity Portfolio, Series A, this is its first. For you, as an investor, these distinctions are a testament to the hard work of our teams to help you achieve your financial goals.

Assets under management growing

More good news! More and more of you are placing your trust in fdp: as proof, the firm has now passed the $5-billion mark in assets under management and is continuing its rise in the investment industry.

For many years now, we have been fully committed to the development of our firm through strategies implemented at all levels to get closer to you, to better understand your needs and to respond to them even more effectively. This is an approach that will lead us to exceed our standards of excellence for the benefit of our professional clients.

André Sirard, M. Sc., CFA, ASC, Adm. A.
President and CEO

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