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Settling an estate is a complex undertaking. The process involves many highly diverse and at times arduous tasks. Despite all the good intentions in the world, sometimes wanting to do a good job is not enough. Get support from experts by entrusting us with all aspects of the settlement of your estate.

Personalized service

According to your personal and professional situation, as well as the type of assets you own at the time of death, many tasks will have to be performed to liquidate your estate. Here is a brief overview:

  • Do a will search in the Registre des dispositions testamentaires of the Chambre des notaires du Québec and in the registry of the Barreau du Québec.
  • Contact all the financial institutions as well as the insurance companies to complete the claim forms.
  • Make calls to transfer fire, automobile and contents insurance.
  • Contact the professional order concerned to have a provisional custodian appointed for patient or client records.
  • See to the transfer of shares and appointment of new directors and officers (if you are a shareholder of a private corporation).
  • Sell your professional assets (practice, pharmacy, firm, etc.).
  • Cancel credit cards, close accounts (telephone, electricity, etc.) and close files with different government agencies.
  • Have declarations of transmission prepared for immovable property, bank accounts and investments
  • Have tax returns prepared and partition the patrimony among the heirs.
Simplify your life

To make things easier for you and your loved ones, Professionals’ Financial – Private Management Inc. and Eterna Trust Inc. offer you their expertise by taking charge of the settlement of your estate or the administration of trusts created in your will.

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