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Whatever your business project, we have the financing solutions you need.

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Transactional solutions

Our financial program for physician businesses, offered via National Bank, provides you with competitive solutions for your transactional needs!

  • No-interest CAD current account.
  • No-fee electronic transactions.
  • Free transactions for management and trust accounts.
  • Free monthly subscription to Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses (single or multi-entity).1
  • Platinum Mastercard Business Card.®,

1 Monthly subscription to our Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses is offered free of charge with this program. Certain conditions apply.®NATIONAL BANK PERSONAL FLEX LINE and ALL-IN-ONE are registered trademarks of National Bank of Canada.

Financing solutions

At Professionals’ Financial, we know that managing your practice can be quite complex. We want to simplify your life and offer you financing solutions1 tailored to your reality.

Term loan1
Business Line 

  • Allows you to finance up to 100% of a wide array of tangible assets and certain intangible assets.
  • Amortization period of up to 25 years, based on the useful life of the asset financed.
  • Flexible repayment terms according to your business reality and projects.

  • Minimize costs in case of unexpected expenses.
  • Enjoy a low interest rate along with the advantages of a credit card.
  • Issue cheques2 to pay your company’s invoices.

  •  Allows you to spread payments over many years.
  • Predetermined payment terms and conditions.
  • Improvement of capital budget management.
  • Optimize your business’s balance sheet structure.

  • Get overdraft protection when you link your Business Line card to your current account.
  • Low interest rate.
  • No fee for an additional card.


Want to talk about it?

Have questions about financing solutionsSpeak to one of our advisors to make an informed choice.

1 Financing solutions are granted subject to credit approval by National Bank.2 User fees apply when using Mastercard cheques.

Other solutions

Do you have other special needs? Speak about them with your advisor.
Business Investment Account

The Business Investment Account offers you a return based on two key elements: an interest rate1 plus a bonus.1 The applicable interest rate and bonus are determined by an advantageous tiered structure of account balances.

Global Payments®,3 merchant point-of-sale solutions

Offer your clients the choice of several payment methods. With our partner’s merchant point-of-sale solutions, you can save on account deposit fees and access your funds quickly.

Payroll services
  • No file opening fee.
  • Cancellation of processing fee the first month.
Wireless Payment Service

For your customers’ payment

  • Impropriate transaction fees for payments made with Visa® and Mastercard® credit cards.

1 To know the interest rates and bonus in effect, see the Fee Guide – Banking Services for Businesses at a National Bank branch or at CGI Payroll Services Centre Inc. is the sole provider of payroll processing solutions and services marketed under the Nethris® brand and for which National Bank of Canada acts only as distributor.3 All applications are subject to credit approval by Global Payments.® Nethris is a registered trademark of CGI Payroll Services Centre Inc.© GLOBAL PAYMENTS is a trademark of Global Payments Inc.®VISA is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association.MD MASTERCARD, PLATINE BUSINESS MASTERCARD are registered trademarks of Mastercard International inc. National Bank of Canada is an authorized user.® Mastercard is a registered trademark and the concept of circles is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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