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How does responsible investment work? What are the main principles? The choice of investments is based on very specific rules.

ESG : essential factors

These criteria are taken into account when choosing investments. They are the foundation of the principles governing fund selection practices, as well as the choice of fund managers and investment sectors, in addition to traditional financial criteria.


Investment approaches

Responsible investment can take different forms. The table below shows the various major approaches, the strategies used by the Financial and the resulting investment objectives for all of its funds.

 ESG Integration
Explicit Consideration of ESG factors in the investment decision-making process

Funds’ General Investment Policy  

Investments in assets specific to ESG themes, such as climate change, water, renewable energy, clean technology, agriculture, etc. Targeted investments aimed at solving social or environmental problems
Strategy (ies)
Shareholder engagement


Negative screening/Exclusion

Norms-based screening

Positive screening                         

Performance: Value-driven
Performance : Values-driven
All FDP mutual funds  Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund Mackenzie Global Women’s Leadership Fund

Mackenzie Global Sustainability Balanced Fund

* Traditional approach : Limited or no focus on ESG factors of underlyng investments

Responsible policies

True to its values, Professionals’ Financial adopted an exclusion strategy in its Funds – General Policy.  This is in addition to the principles for responsible investment in effect since 2016, in the Proxy Voting Policy.

Funds – General Policy  

  • Producers of tobacco products
  • Producers and retailers of cannabis products
  •  Manufacturers of firearms and retailers (for whom firearm sales account for 10% or more of sales)

 *These exclusions apply only when we formulate the investment policy of a fund. In the case of ETFs and mutual funds for which we do not establish the investment policy, these exclusions may not apply.

Responsible Investment Policy
Our Responsible Investment Policy applies to all our portfolio management activities.

Read the policy

Proxy Voting Policy*
This responsible voting rights policy takes environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into account in assessing the risks of an investment portfolio. When exercising the voting rights attached to their shares, investors interested in responsible investment are not only concerned about shareholder return and good corporate governance, but they also want to be sure that the company’s activities and practices are aligned with broader societal objectives.

The Policy directives cover the following elements:

  • Operational elements: balance sheets, reports, etc.
  • Board of directors: election of directors, board structure, etc.
  • Capital structure: share issues, debt securities, borrowing power, private placements, etc.
  • Compensation and other plans: stock options, share buybacks, etc.
  • Other elements:  reorganizations, mergers, etc.

*Applies to stock portfolios for funds managed by the Financial and proxies received from Private Management clients, the Policy implemented by our provider,  Institutional Shareholder Services Inc (ISS)

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