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If you are looking for peace of mind with a service that focuses on your objectives, our different investment offers will meet your requirements.

Mutual funds

Our diversified range of funds1 enables you to build, with your advisor, an investment portfolio tailored to your personal and professional situation.

We provide you with a family of mutual funds, made up of diversified funds allocated across three major mutual fund categories: balanced, fixed income and equity.

1 The Professionals’ Financial’s funds are offered through Professionals’ Financial – Mutual Funds Inc.


Private Portfolio Management

Based on discretionary management of your assets, this type of private management gives you access to more sophisticated approaches and exclusive investment products.


Private Securities Management

If you have more substantial wealth, opt for personalized discretionary management, which allows your portfolio to take advantage of market growth.


Investing responsibly
When it comes to investing your savings, we know that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are important to you. With this mind, our investment team integrates responsible investing principles into its strategies.

Competitive fees
The Financial is committed to represent its clients’ interests, with a concern for impartiality and performance, while keeping its management fees among the lowest in the Canadian market.

Best execution policies of client orders on Canadian markets

The Professionals’ Financial is not a broker participating in the Canadian markets, you will find below the list of intermediaries used for execution of client orders.

Click on one of the intermediaries to access and read their best execution policy:

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