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A wide range of conferences to enhance your knowledge
As part of our educational mission, we organize conferences on specific topics, presentations focusing on a particular profession or stage of your career, workshops for future professionals, and others.

Presented by our investment specialists, financial planners, tax experts and notaries, these friendly information sessions will help you better understand the options available to optimize your wealth management.


How are the markets performing and what do they have in store for us in the short, medium and long term? What strategies should be used in light of stock market and interest rate trends? Each year, experts from Professionals’ Financial review the situation. A rendezvous you don’t want to miss!

Retirement Weekend

Held in beautiful surroundings, these weekends offer an overview of all the factors to consider in order to enjoy the retirement of your dreams. You’ll also have an opportunity to speak with the facilitators and other participants.

The fall FINANCE rendez-vous

It’s not always easy to make the best decisions at the beginning of your career. Offered in the fall, these free sessions will give you a solid foundation when the time comes to invest, incorporate your practice, buy a home, or choose to be a self-employed professional.

Make room in your agenda for our upcoming major conferences.

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