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In a market situation where interest rates remain extremely low and where governments have little leeway in the event of a recession, taking into account the measures already implemented to support the economy, other solutions had to be found to obtain decent returns. Multiple sources of return is one of the means to achieve this goal.

Diversifying sources of return

We adopted a global management philosophy—now predominant in the market—with a focus on global diversification. With this philosophy, stock selection is done by sector and by industry, on a global basis, rather than by region or by country. Geographic allocation will now depend on the choice of stocks, regardless of the region. A company’s source of income is now more important than its location.

Responsible investment

We believe that all companies have a duty to act responsibly in terms of respect for human rights, respect for labour rights, and protection of the environment. In all its portfolio management activities, the Financial seeks to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. These principles are clearly defined in our Responsible Investment Policy.

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