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Continuing their studies to earn a university degree in the discipline of their choice is the goal of many young Quebecers, as evidenced by the 13,237 new graduates of the Université de Montréal in 2017.

The leaders of tomorrow

From all backgrounds, these students have the potential to bring dynamism and progress to their profession and to society. Thirsty for knowledge and wishing to advance their field, they spend considerable energy acquiring expertise and skills. At the end of their studies, these cohorts of graduates will leverage their know-how in the service of our communities and actively participate in their development, for our greater benefit.

But they need the financial resources to allow them to fully dedicate themselves to their career. It is with this in mind that the Financial became involved with the Université de Montréal, to foster and support new talent among our professionals.

Support and guidance

Since 2007, the Financial has actively and continuously participated in the Université de Montréal’s scholarship program. Close to 85 scholarships have been awarded during this period to students in five faculties (medicine, notarial law, environmental design, dentistry and pharmacy), which are the five fields of our professional association shareholders. The recipients of the different scholarships are chosen by the faculty concerned, based on various criteria, including the consistent efforts and motivation shown by the candidates.

We are firmly committed to these programs, because we believe that as a corporate citizen, we must be actively engaged in our community. The involvement of our five shareholders in our governance prompts us to support their future members, who will play a key role in our common development. Encouraging excellence in the professionals of tomorrow testifies to our belief in the future and in our ability to advance and to transform ourselves, both individually and collectively.

Concrete benefits

What tangible repercussions have these scholarships had on the young people who received them? Some recipients shared their experience.

Recipient in environmental design

Throughout my Bachelor’s degree, I worked with many students determined to enrich the faculty environment. I’m very pleased that these efforts are recognized by scholarships like the Financial’s, which shows an appreciation for student life in general. Personally, this scholarship helped me to achieve an architecture research project in summer 2018 and to begin my Master’s more serenely. 

A long-term commitment

During its 50 years of existence, the Faculty of Environmental Design of the Université de Montréal has provided its students with high-quality training programs. The Financial is proud to partner with this institution of higher learning to contribute to the financial support of those who will be key players in the development and innovation of architecture practices. By imagining new ways of shaping our world, these future architects help improve the individual and collective quality of life in our societies. To promote excellence is to build a more human and more livable world!

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