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Excellent news! Two of our mutual funds, the FDP Balanced Portfolio and the FDP US Dividend Equity Portfolio, received a FundGrade A rating for their superior risk-adjusted performance in May 2018. In still unpredictable market conditions, this rating underscores the excellent work of our portfolio managers, who continue to manage our funds diligently and skilfully.

The FundGrade rating system is an independent and objective system which examines some 20,000 funds each month. The assigned rating indicates the quality of the work of the portfolio managers and aims to help investors to better identify the top performing funds.

These good results reflect the steps taken by the Financial to further enhance the quality of its managers and the performance of its funds. If you wish to learn more about our diversified range of funds and the investment opportunities they can provide you with, speak to your advisor. And don’t forget that our management fees and expenses are among the most competitive on the Canadian market!


The FundGrade rating is used with the authorization of est utilisée Fundata Canada Inc. All rights reserved. Fundata is a major provider in the distribution of fund and stock information in Canada. The FundGrade A+ Rating identifies funds that have been demonstrated superior performance adjusted to risk during a full calendar year. For more information on the rating system, please visit

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