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As the year 2020 continues to surprise us and to call into question some of our practices, we have decided to take advantage of the momentum of this movement for change and to take a big step forward ourselves.

Reinventing ourselves, nothing less

You see it all around you: everything is accelerating. The succession of events forced us to change, sometimes radically, our behaviours and our work methods. They precipitated trends that were already emerging, trends that were then almost naturally integrated into our daily lives. We have chosen to use the current situation to meet your needs even better by strengthening our business intelligence and enhancing your experience at each stage and with each contact. Faced with the rapid evolution of our industry, your changing needs according to the stage of your career or personal life, as well as the challenges we’ve all had to deal with since the beginning of the crisis, we have decided to reinvent ourselves.

Change… and continuity

We’re still the firm you know, the one that has set itself apart among professionals for over 40 years. But now we’re FDP. And we made this change first and foremost for you. Drawing on our experience with professionals, we want to refine our knowledge to better decipher the major trends in wealth management, including investment, thanks to our dedicated business intelligence teams. We’re also going to roll out a brand new approach that will better leverage the digital tools being developed to expand your choices and to ensure seamless contact with you. This will be done through an even more individualized approach focused on your needs, your ambitions and your plans, a human approach based on our thorough knowledge of your reality after 42 years of working with and for professionals.

More choice, more personalization

Our new name, FDP, expresses this movement towards the future, which is reflected in our new image featuring vibrant and elegant colours. You are at the heart of this change: you are the reason and the purpose. As our new signature attests, we use our financial intelligence to help you fully benefit from your life and career choices thanks to high-performance products and services, a hyper-personalized plan with experts who know you, and more enjoyment in living each moment of your personal and professional life.

We’re off! In the coming months, we’ll show you more concretely how we can help you achieve your goals better and faster, while simplifying your personal and business finances.

Welcome to our new FDP!

André Sirard, M. Sc., CFA, ASC, Adm. A.
President and CEO – Professionals’ Financial

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