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At Professionals’ Financial, our investment philosophy adopted a responsible investment strategy allowing to make a real impact on the society. Initially, SRI stood for Socially Responsible Investing and primarily involved excluding companies that did not meet specific criteria. Investors used “negative screening” to avoid companies with operations, practices or assets that did not align with their social objectives. However, as the popularity of SRI investing increased, the term broadened to encompass more strategies.

Today, Canadians have invested billions of dollars in sustainable funds, with Assets under Management in socially responsible investing mandates growing to $9.7B at April 2018.
(1Source: Investor Economics)

Key principles

When selecting or managing investments, the RI or SRI strategy requires that environmental (E), social (S) and governance (G) factors be taken into account. The Financial has chosen to offer its clients investment products that integrate ESG factors into their approach, because they reflect not only its corporate values but also the values of its many clients for whom investing is also making a real difference. 

Socially responsible funds

Professionals’ Financial is therefore adding to its range of funds three well-known ESG investment products, in collaboration with Mackenzie Investments. With these new impact funds, investments are made with specific objectives, in line with our values.

Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing



Mackenzie Global Leadership Impact Fund

Mackenzie Global Sustainabilty and Impact Balanced Fund

Mackenzie Global Environemental Equity Fund

Responsible investment from A to Z

Investment Philosophy

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