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Conferences and seminars in French only

Lifelong training

Planifier sa carrière et sa retraite à court, moyen et long terme
Organised by the Collège des médecins and the FMSQ
March 30 and 31
Complexe Desjardins, Montréal

We’ll be at these conventions

ASCPEQ (Association des spécialistes en chirurgie plastique et esthétique du Québec)
February 16 to 19
William Gray Hotel, Montréal

APQ (Association des pédiatres du Québec)
April 27 and 28
Centre Mont-Royal, Montréal

APPSQ (Association professionnelle des pharmaciens salariés du Québec)
April 27 to 29
Espace Shawinigan


See you there!

Dentists’ panels
with Sogedent Assurances
February 15 – Saint-Houblon, Montréal
March 20 – Le Montego, Québec

Externs well-being day – FMEQ
February 15
Oratoire Saint-Joseph, Montréal

March 16 to 19
Delta Hotel, Montréal

Be on the lookout for the various financial presentations that will be taking place in several universities and student associations.

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