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For the past ten years, the world of investment has been shaken up by the arrival of responsible investing, a new market trend which continues to grow. First adopted by institutional investors (pension funds, banks, insurance companies, etc.), responsible investing is now accessible to all, in a variety of approaches and strategies. In keeping with our corporate values and to help you diversify your portfolio.

A innovative response

With a 50% share of the Canadian industry, responsible investing is attracting more and more attention from investors who are seeking alternatives to traditional mutual funds, or who want to include some responsible investments in their portfolio. Creating a positive impact by protecting the environment, encouraging social equity and fostering energy transition and sustainable development is a goal shared by many investors, who also want their investment choices to reflect their personal values.

Act by investing

In collaboration with Mackenzie Investments, a leader in responsible investing, Professionals’ Financial is proud to offer its clients three socially responsible funds, each focused on a specific theme which can generate real change.


Mackenzie Global Sustainability and Impact Balanced Fund

Invests in companies that strive to integrate ESG factors into their activities so that your portfolio is aligned with your personal values


Mackenzie Global Leadership Impact Fund

Supports change in companies and the advancement of women in leadership roles


Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund

Invests in clean energy and technology, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, transportation and water stocks.

What about the return?

Socially responsible funds enable you to actively participate in the implementation of innovative and viable solutions to the major issues facing us today, individually and collectively, without sacrificing returns. On the contrary, socially responsible investing and the integration of ESG (Environment – Society – Governance) factors into the investment process contribute to the growth of healthy companies, whose governance meets high standards of equity and diversity, and whose activities take into account their environmental impact. The future of these companies is more promising and their long-term return potential is more attractive because their strong risk management takes more factors into consideration.

Successful Integration of ESG factors

The Financial has been concerned about social and environmental issues for many years now and ESG factors are an integral part of our decision-making process. Whether in our proxy voting policy or our investment philosophy, or in our choice of external portfolio managers, the integration of ESG factors comes into play at each stage of our process because it enables us to make better investment decisions.

A question of values

Getting involved in socially responsible investing is above all a question of values, ours and our clients’. In fact, it was to clearly identify our clients’ investment interests and expectations that in 2018 we commissioned Ipsos to conduct a survey on the subject,[1] in which many medical specialists participated. We took their comments into account in our new offer, whose funds respond to your ethical and environmental concerns.

In this spirit, and in keeping with our values and those of medical specialists and of our shareholder the FMSQ, the Financial also decided to adopt an exclusion strategy for its entire range of funds. The tobacco, cannabis and firearms sectors were therefore eliminated from our portfolios, because of the harmful impact of these products on society.

A sustainable way forward

With growth of 41.6% in two years and assets under management of more than $2 billion in Canada alone,[2] the trend towards responsible investing has the wind in its sails. Know that, through your investments, you can now take positive action for your future and that of your loved ones, and participate in the emergence of a more equitable society, while helping to protect our environment.

To learn more, speak with your advisor at the Financial.

François Landry, CFA

Senior Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer

Professionals’ Financial – Mutual Funds Inc. and Professionals’ Financial – Private Management Inc. are wholly owned by Professionals’ Financial Inc. Professionals’ Financial – Mutual Funds Inc. is a portfolio manager and a mutual fund dealer which manages the funds of its family of funds and which offers financial planning advisory services. Professionals’ Financial – Private Management Inc. is an investment dealer member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) which offers portfolio management services

The Mackenzie Global Sustainability and Impact Balanced Fund, the Mackenzie Global Leadership Impact Fund and the Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund are offered by Mackenzie Financial Corporation, which acts as portfolio managers for these Funds. Trailing commissions, management fees, brokerage fees and other expenses all may be associated with investments in the Funds. Please read the prospectus before investing. The Funds are not guaranteed, their value changes frequently, and past performance may not be repeated. The content of this document (including facts, views, opinions, recommendations, descriptions of or references to products or securities) is not to be used or construed as investment advice, as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, or an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any entity or security mentioned. Although we endeavour to ensure its accuracy and completeness, we assume no responsibility for any reliance upon it

1Ipsos,Test of responsible investment products and approach, Research report June 2018.

2Source : 2018 Canadian Responsible Investment Trends Report, Responsible Investment Association,

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